• we collect the clock free of charge.

  • we inspect the movement for working.

  • we fully strip the clock movement

  • we remove the mainspring and strike springs from their barrels to check for signs of wear

  • we preclean all components

  • we inspect the pivots on every arbour for any signs of wear and polish to a mirror finish and repivot if needed.

  • we check the plates and pivot holes for any signs of wearing and bush where needed.

  • we fully clean all components in our ultrasonic machines

  • we polish all components in our polishing machines

  • we do a final polish by hand

  • we hand polish all the pivot holes

  • we fully reassemble the movement

  • we lubricate all the workings

  • we fully test over a period and tripple check everything

  • when we are happy we deliver and setup free of charge.

  • 12 month warranty on all work carried out by ourselves

For any inquiries, please contact us:

tel: 07477370242


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